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Practice Areas

Attorney Russell Gregory primarily helps significantly injured people.  These may be people injured by


     * Medical Malpractice, including Birth Trauma,

     * Surgery Malpractice,

     * Nursing or Hospital Negligence,

     * Dental or Oral Surgery Malpractice,

     * Pharmacy Malpractice, including Wrong Medicines or Doses,

     * Auto Accidents, including Truck, Motorcycle, Bicycle and Pedestrian,

     * Unsafe Premises,

     * Product Defects,

     * Slip and Fall,

     * Nursing Home Care,

     * or anything else that causes significant injury. 


Whatever the cause of significant injury, Mr. Gregory can help.





Types of significant injuries may include Brain, Limbs, Spinal Cord, Wrongful Death, Teeth or Jaw, or any other substantial compromise, and many diagnoses of significant compromise, such as Cerebral Palsy, Spastic Diplegia, Monoplegia, Triplegia and Quadriplegia, Metabolic or Endocrine Imbalances, Broken Bones, TMJ, Internal Organ Damage, Poor Surgical Outcomes, and many others.  


If you've been significantly injured, let Mr. Gregory put his expertise to work for you.





Mr. Gregory is also available to discuss any significant financial loss, such as through Employment Discrimination, Sexual Harrassment, or Wrongful Termination/Discharge, Property Loss/Insurance, as by Fire, Flood, or other Insurance Loss Claim, Business Wrongs, Fraud, Shareholder Claims, Corporation or Partnership Claims, Broker Liability, Intellectual Property/Patent or Copyright Infringement, Real Estate/Property, and other matters of Business and Finance. 


If you've been wronged or hurt in any significant manner,

Mr. Gregory will listen to and discuss with you how to right the wrong,

and get you substantial financial compensation.   

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